Wednesday, May 9, 2012

T-Ara added 2 new member in July!!!

There's been a lot of interest pouring over idol group T-ara in general. Even more so as of late because of rumors swirling around changes in their group number.

The group's agency, Core Contents Media has finally issued an officialy statement confirming such changes. The CEO, Kim Kwang-soo reported on April 6th that T-ara's current 7 members will have two additional members joining them for a new nine-membered system.

When will all these changes be taking place? This year in July, with the release of a new album. 

Kim explained the reasoning, "I've seen some of the stars I've created become conceited and complacant after about three years of being popular. T-ara has been working hard, but to encourage them to continue to work harder and try harder on and off stage, I've decided to implement some changes."

The agency head even went as far as to say that any member who isn't showing their best effort or who becomes arrogant, may be replaced.

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